When people are looking for the best payment processing service, they are usually interested in the different credit card brands that these services can process and the types of payments they can process – in-person, phone, online. There are literally dozens of solutions you can find on the market, but if you want to speed up this process and find the best payment processing services, we suggest checking our list with a few high-quality services used by thousands of merchants around the globe.

  1. Payment Depot

Let’s be clear – price always plays a role when people are looking for business tools that can help them improve their operations. Of course, if you have a low number of credit card transactions, this factor may not play the most important role, but why pay more? Obviously, in case you have many transactions like this, you will be interested in a low-cost solution. If you decide to use Payment Depot, you will get a flat fee for every credit card processing procedure. This means that you will pay a certain monthly fee and a small amount of money for every transaction. Business owners that are selling expensive items will benefit the most from a solution like this. There are a few different tiers that have different transaction fees and you can use them depending on the value of sales you make per month. Don’t forget that you can use this solution with a payment gateway, POS systems, virtual terminals, regular credit card terminals, and mobile payments.

So, one of the biggest advantages of using Payment Depot is the fact that you can get it and use it without spending a fortune. This is a payment processing system with a great reputation. It’s also a solution that accepts a wide range of payment options. But, there’s a downside. It only accepts US merchants even though they have a plan to spread on other markets too.

  1. Helcim

Next, on the list, we have Helcim. This is another popular service that provides a great solution for those who want to avoid hidden fees and expenses. With Helcim, you will get access to three different plans. You can use them for online sales, in-person sales, and nonprofit operations. Obviously, you can expect to get the lowest fees as a nonprofit organization. Keep in mind that this service for processing credit cards requires monthly fees too. This is not just a simple service, it’s a system which allows POS payments via Apple smartphone and tablets and Android mobile devices with the help of a hosted online eCommerce website or a virtual terminal hosted on a desktop/laptop computer. You can also find retail terminals from this brand. Another great thing about Helcim is that you can integrate with the popular accounting software QuickBooks.

When it comes to integration, you can count on integration with a wide array of shopping carts created for eCommerce websites too. But, there’s a negative side of using Helcim and that’s the fact that you won’t be able to use it if your business belongs to specific industries. We should also highlight the fact that this mobile credit card service doesn’t process EMV cards (cards with this kind of chips). Yet, with excellent pricing that doesn’t have hidden fees and seamless shopping cart integration, Helcim is worth a try.

  1. PayPal

There are still many businesses that are dealing primarily with customers in their physical stores. But, some of them are getting orders online too. If we are talking about low volume sales, PayPal might be the best option. This is a service for processing payments that is ideal for those who are accepting online payments from time to time. You should know that this is definitely not the cheapest option out there with fees that can go up to 2.9% and 30 cents fixed fee. PayPal has developed a mobile credit card reader too – PayPal Here.

All in all, PayPal Here is a popular service of this kind which is quite flexible and easy to set up. The only thing that can be considered as a downside is the relatively expensive transactions.

  1. Square

Unfortunately, there are many payment processing systems out there that are not transparent when it comes to payment processing in general. Luckily, there are also honest systems like Square that are completely transparent. They come with a flat plan which doesn’t discriminate payments based on their types. So, there’s a certain percentage and fixed amount of money that is deducted as a fee. So, the fees are not the strongest selling point here, but the flexibility gives Square an advantage. The good thing is that you can use Square in a wide range of industries including service providing, restaurants, retail shops, online retailers and more. They also offer a wide array of hardware elements like contactless chip & pin reader, countertop register, as well as magstripe readers.

With a flat payment plan, flexibility, integration of accounts and a good selection of pieces of hardware that can help any business, Square is an excellent modern processing service for all kinds of payments. There’s one thing that they can improve though and that’s the customer support section which is not available 24/7.

  1. Stripe

We will end this list with Stripe. This is a payment processing system which is used by many eCommerce website owners. If you use Stripe, you can expect to get access to a wide range of shopping carts. In addition, you will also have an opportunity to connect Stripe on your site to process both payments and donations. You can use HTML code or a specially designed plugin for this purpose. Furthermore, Stripe can be integrated with a wide array of billing and accounting software solutions. Let’s not forget that Stripe provides a POS system too. You can use it both online and offline.

With great security, developer friendliness, a flat payment solution, and great integration options, Stripe is an excellent payment processing option.

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