The uptake of mobile devices continues to increase steadily. You get to access so many services within that tiny handheld device. Whether you are using your mobile phone, tablet, or phablet, the possibilities are endless. E-commerce Platforms are now optimizing for mobile so that they can access the customers who like to shop on the go. Research indicates that over 60% of users prefer to use their mobile apps than a mobile site when purchasing anything online.

You will find that the astute businessman keeps a close watch on the latest innovation when it comes to mobile apps. What are the key reasons why you may need a mobile app for your e-commerce platform?

· You increase your efficiency levels

Mobile apps will give you up to 1.5 times more efficiency than what you will receive on a mobile website. The apps will store the data on your device, thus making retrieval very fast. You will not find the same benefits when using mobile sites because they have to retrieve the data from multiple web servers. While the difference in speed may be negligible, any downtime concerning network speed will affect how quickly you recover information. If the data is massive size, it may impact on the loading speed, which could result in poor user experience.

· You Can Personalize Your Content

One way to respond to customers needs is to personalize or tailor content to what they prefer. You can, for example, use factors like location, age, culture, the customer’s interests, and language, among others to create content that responds directly to them.

If you have the right mobile app, the users can define their preferences from the very beginning; thereby giving you time to customize the material you send out. You, therefore, get to target the communication appropriately, making it more likely that the end-user will act on the information.

· Instant Access

Mobile apps will work whether you are online or offline because they store the data on your device. It is this accessibility that makes businesses like those in banking; finance, gaming, and retail, among others, develop their apps. You always want your customers to be able to access any information without experiencing any downtime, due to slow internet or lack of connectivity. However, there are some tasks that you will still need the internet for, but if you’re looking for basic functionality, you can work even while offline.

· Device Features

A significant advantage of mobile apps is that you can code the app into the features of a native device. You can, for example, give your app access to your camera for scanning functions, location for GPS services, contacts, among others. The process of initiating any action on your native devices becomes so much faster.

· Updates and Push Notifications

Mobile apps will send push notifications, even if the user does not open the application. The end-user, therefore, gets access to updates and other notifications daily. You can also send out updates on iTunes, Windows Store, and play store directly to your smart device via OTA. You, therefore, ensure that you are always up-to-date with the latest features, images, or even product listings. You can also use the same functionality to promote your services and products, thus leading to better conversions for your business.

· Branding and Ease-Of-Use

Many of the mobile apps are very easy to use, with a simple swipe, tap, drag, among others; you can get access to many of the features. If you develop an app for your business, you can use it for branding purposes. You also get to customize the design as you wish. You can play around with the layout, colors, font, among others. End-users respond well to designs that have an aesthetic appeal while allowing for ease of use.

· Cost Benefits and Marketing

The right mobile app will help increase efficiency in how you run your business. You get to share information easily, action orders, give instantaneous replies to queries, among others. You can increase your productivity levels by up to 40%, and you get the opportunity to collect relevant data for your reports. Your marketing and advertising budget reduce significantly because you are in direct communication with your audience.

Linking your apps to your social media platforms will also give you a wider reach, thereby increasing awareness of your business. Search engines such as Google will also use the content you have on your app to give you a ranking. Taking advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) will make it easy for the search engines to find you. It will help direct relevant traffic to your ecommerce platform.

· Final Thoughts

You will find very many mobile applications that you can use to improve your business. You will also need the right apps so that you position your business strategically. Many customers shop on the go, and you cannot afford to lose out on that particular market. Take your time to find the app that works best for your business.


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