In our previous article, we gave you some fantastic prelaunch ideas.  Some of the things you need to do include a SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, market research, and craft a unique value proposition. We will continue to highlight other things you need to do before the actual launch date.

· Create a Media List

The strength of your PR campaign will largely depend on the coverage you get from the media. You need to develop a list that targets tech analysts, bloggers, influencers, among others. Reach out to them and start to build interest in your mobile app.

You could also think about getting the key media together before launching the mobile app so that you can allow them to try it out first. You are more likely to get better media coverage if they understand the benefits of what you have to offer. You also get to know the media, which will help you push additional content in the future.

· You Need to Have a Good Website

Many people will install apps from a mobile website. If you have not started the process of setting up one, now is the time to do so. Make sure you have a right landing page; a good tip is to have a video of your upcoming app. You will create a buzz, and if you combine it with SEO, you will improve rankings on the search engines.

Also, consider App Store Optimization (APO), which will help with getting good rankings on the search engines. Optimize your website for mobile; many people will use their mobile phones to get information from online platforms.

· Get Your Email List Together

Emailing continues to be an essential part of a good marketing plan. You need to collect emails of present and potential customers so that you keep them in the know. The information you need to share them include updates on how far you are with the product, launch dates, key features they need to check out, among others.

· How Do You Plan to Monetize?

You need to put in place a good monetization strategy if you hope to make a profit when you launch your mobile app into the market. You can do your mobile app monetization in several ways. Such include in-app purchases, subscription-based models, and ad support.

· Do You Have the Right Name for Your App?

A customer is more likely to have more interest in your product if it has a good name.  Choosing the right name means that you have one with a hook. It should also have the relevant keywords if you hope to direct the search engines to your website. Researching keywords will help you come up with a list of long and short-tail keywords that will help anytime there is a query concerning apps similar to yours.

Also, make sure that you include any benefits of features that the end-user will get from the use of your product.

· Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

You can generate a lot of interest around the launch of a product through the use of blogs.   Blogs have the advantage of positioning you as an authority, thereby making it more likely for you to develop a loyal customer base. You also have the key benefits of pushing a lot of content, without the constraints that you would get if you are coming up with advertising copy. You can also incorporate videos, how-to tutorials, among others. Also, make sure that you push the content on other platforms outside of your site. Now is the time to aggressively use LinkedIn, Slideshare, Medium, among others.

Other Critical Things to Consider

Together with everything else we have shared above, you should also do the following: –

  • Set up your social media platforms; it allows you to have a more significant presence for directly communicating with the target audience.
  • Generate content that is relevant to social media platforms. Your target persona should help you with this function. It will require that you have a good understanding of your customer, and what social sites they visit.
  •  Use social media sites to start the promotion of your mobile app. Make sure the content is engaging so that the audience does not feel like you are pushing a product down their throat.
  •  Setting up Google alerts will let you know whether or not people are talking about your product.
  •  Think about the promotional offers that will accompany the launch of your app: use contests, discounts, and giveaways as a way of enticing people.
  •  Use positive reviews from those who have had an opportunity to interact with the product.

Final Thoughts

Launching a mobile app is so much more than having the right product. You need to create relevant visibility and awareness. Take advantage of the social media platforms; you get a broad audience and have the opportunity to customize your content as you wish.


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