If you have had the opportunity to launch anything into the market, you know how taxing it can be to create that level of awareness. That is why you need the right marketing ideas if you hope to be successful. Our article will focus on some of the things you need to do to market your app.

· Get as Many Users On Board as You Possibly Can

You can only build visibility and awareness if people are using your product. During the prelaunch phase, you may have availed the app to some people, including the media. You may already have some positive reviews, but you need so much more. Keep up your efforts concerning getting people to try it. You may need to give discounts, giveaways, and contests so that potential customers download the app. The benefit of getting many downloads is that you rank very highly on the search engines.

Your family and friends are a perfect way of getting referrals. Do not be shy to call upon them for their help.

Make sure you link your mobile up to your social media platforms, email signature, homepage, among others.

· Think About Incorporating Paid Media

You will have to spend money to get more awareness for your product. Even if you do not go for analog advertising, you will find many opportunities on the online platform.  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have paid ads that you can utilize. Facebook is especially significant because you get to target your audience by location, interests, among others.

Make your ads interesting to capture the attention of anyone who is looking at them.  Google ads are another fantastic platform. Anyone who is searching for a product similar to yours may land on your ad.

· Utilize the Existing Customers

Utilizing existing customers is a fantastic way of increasing product awareness.  Not only can they give excellent reviews, but they can also give you invaluable feedback on the app. Make sure you post in groups or discussion boards and also become an expert on platforms such as Quora.

· Actively Engage with the Media

If you hope to benefit from free publicity, you will need to pitch for media interviews. You, however, need to go in with a good story angle to generate interest. The use of videos and podcasts will also help with marketing. Utilize SEO and backlinking so that you are ever visible to the search engines.

· Work With Influencers

Influencers have loyal followers who are likely to try anything they do. At this stage, you will have already identified the bloggers and influencers. Now is the time to actively engage with them so that they can recommend your app to their audiences. You may need to part with some incentives; some influencers may charge you a fee.  Do your research well on the influencer before signing up, only work with the one who will give you value.

· Sign Up for Industry Awards

You will get a lot of awareness of a product by taking part in industry awards. The media will also notice and give you additional coverage. If you win any of the awards, do not be shy to splash it across all your online platforms.

· Additional Activities

Many other activities will help build awareness of the mobile app including;-

  • Becoming an active member of industry networks
  • Submit your mobile up to review websites such as AppStore apps,  the Mobileys, 148apps, among others
  • Pay attention to  customers feedback, while maximizing on their positive reviews
  • Put into place strategies to engage and retain your customers. Push notifications are an excellent  marketing tool
  • Make sure that you offer outstanding  customer service. Give your customers multiple platforms on which they can reach you including email, video chat, and phone
  • Allow for easy sharing of the app, and encourage your family and friends to do the same
  • If you have the budget,  consider using traditional Media.  such include print and TV advertising,  posters,  banners,  and flyers, among others
  • Take part in industry events such as exhibitions or expos  to allow you to show people how the Mobile app works
  • Actively seek speaking engagements to help you build your profile is an authority


Marketing does not end at the launch phase. You need to do the following post-launch;-

  • Continue to engage with your customers
  •  If you have the budget, a ‘burst campaign’ will keep you top-of-mind among the customers. It means that you invest in heavy advertising for 1-3 days, pushing as much content as you possibly can.
  •  Continue to run promotions
  •  Continue to maintain your website while using SEO to build authority.

 Final Thoughts

There you have it, fantastic tips on how to market your mobile app.

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