You may think that coming up with a mobile app is enough. The truth is that there are many other app developers in the market. You have to take steps to create awareness for your product. Marketing will require that you have a strategy, even before you begin the actual app development.

The right marketing strategy will incorporate different elements. It will start by collecting the assets required to do a proper awareness creation. You will need to have an appropriate marketing plan, highlighting the relevant strategies to ensure success. Follow our checklist below if you hope to stand above the competition.


Taking the right steps during the prelaunch will determine the success of your marketing campaign. What you are mostly trying to achieve is product awareness that will come from visibility. You need to have the following considerations.

· When Is the Release Date?

Having a good idea on when you intend to release the product will help you put in place measures to overcome any contingencies. Give yourself room for reviews, so that whatever you push out into the market has had enough development time. Take note of any events that may be happening during your projected release date. If they are significant industry or general events, it could overshadow the launch of your app.

· Do Your Market Research

You cannot successfully launch a product without having a good understanding of the market. Some of the things you have to consider are the customer’s needs and how your app responds. You also need to know whether the market is ready for your product.  Also, take a look at what the competitors are doing; especially those who have similar products.

· Identify Your Target Customer

Developing a customer persona is essential. The profile should take into consideration factors such as what the target audience likes. What kind of apps they use, and for what reason? What are some of the challenges they have identified with using what is currently available, among others?  Also, take into consideration factors such as income, age, marital status, mobile phone usage, where they live, among others.

· Do A SWOT Analysis

Understanding the strengths, threats, weaknesses, and opportunities that are in the market will help with the development of the marketing plan. A competitor analysis will give you a good indication of the opportunities and threats. See how the other companies price their apps and what the users have to say about them.

· Do You Have A Unique Value Proposition?

You should come up with a unique product that responds to an identified need. Capitalize on any elements that are different from what is currently available to the customers.  You find that you can attract customers easily if you have a unique value proposition.

· What Is Your Brand Positioning and Messaging

You do not go into developing a mobile app blindly. There has to be a story behind it, which will help you determine the value proposition. You can also craft messaging which will resonate with the end-user.

· Do You Have a Branding Style Guide?

Any communication you send out to the market should have similar designs and styles.  Come up with a brand manual that highlights everything you will use in your marketing material. Such include font, color, among others. You need to ensure consistency at all times.

· Do You Have a Pitch Idea?

Having a compelling pitch will serve you well, especially if you are looking for people to buy into your idea. Investors and donors want to deal with an individual who has a good understanding of the change the mobile app will make for the end-user. Your pitch should be easy to understand, and it helps if you highlight certain vital elements.  Such include the product USPs, financial implications, among others.

· Think About Utilizing PR

PR is a powerful marketing tool because you depend on third-party endorsement. People are more likely to buy a product that has got positive customer reviews. It is also cost-effective because you depend on word-of-mouth, or free publicity, that you get from positive media coverage. Develop your press kit well in advance, so that you have everything ready on the launch date.

 Final Thoughts

We have barely touched on the things you need to do before putting your mobile app into the market.  We will continue to share with you some excellent ideas in our next article.

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