Coming up with mobile apps is not an exercise for the faint-hearted. It requires an investment in time and money, and you need to see some return on investment at the end of it. You can only get to make a profit if you apply the right marketing strategies. Some common mistakes will make it difficult for you to launch a product. We will explore some of them in our article below.

· Not Having a Prelaunch Strategy

Many people neglect to give prelaunch marketing the right kind of attention. You spend so much time on the app development that you forget to put your marketing strategy in place.  Remember the type of marketing will determine whether or not people get to know about your app. It will also determine whether you engage with the relevant audiences or not. It would be a pity to have a fantastic product that no one knows about because you did not pay attention to your prelaunch strategy.

· Waiting Until the Last Minute to Market Your Product

Do not wait until the launch week to market your app. Marketing is not something you do as an afterthought. Immediately you start the app development; you should also be thinking about how you will market it. One good tip is to have timelines detailing all the steps you need to take. It also allows you to plan for any contingencies, which could result in a delay in the app launch.

Your marketing plan should incorporate both online and offline strategies. You will need a budget to do offline marketing, but it increases your chances of more people knowing about your product.

· Not Having a Target Audience in Mind

It may surprise you to know how many people go into the market without having a proper understanding of the target audience. What you must do, even before you begin the app development is to have a target persona.  Everything you do from then on should have an aim of responding to a need you have specifically identified. If you do not have a proper understanding of the customer pain points, how can you provide a solution?

· Ignoring App Store Optimization

Think about it this way; the mobile user has thousands and thousands of apps to choose from. Every day, a developer comes up with a new one. It is therefore very easy to get lost in the clutter. App store optimization will help you stand out by increasing your visibility.  Make sure you have the right strategy on how to improve your chances if you do not want the competitors to bury you.

· Ignoring the Importance of a Good Name and Product Descriptor

Do not make the mistake of choosing a name that is not memorable. Not only do you not attract proper attention, but you will become easy to forget. Ensure that you optimize the description for SEO and app store optimization. You must take time to research relevant keywords so that your customers can find your app easily.

· Not Taking Advantage of User Reviews

Third-party endorsement continues to be a potent marketing tool. When you have people speaking positively about your brand or product, you get to generate a lot of interest from potential customers. Some of the app stores use algorithms that take into consideration ratings and reviews; the better, the higher your ranking.

· Not Paying Due Attention to Updates

The easiest way to lose customers and to get negative reviews is not keeping up with the updates. Mobile customers want efficiency and functionality. They also want to know that the developers are taking the time to incorporate the latest technology into the apps.  Regular updates will fix any bugs, as well as improve the core functionality. The users will get better user experience, and you do not lose your customers to the competitors.

· Launching a Product That Is Not Unique

You will not find success if you launch a product that is already in the market. Even if you come up with something similar, make sure you inject something unique to stand out. You need to do an in-depth study of the market to avoid replicating available products.

You also need to do an app validation so that you see how users and stakeholders receive it. One good tip is to have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) test. What it means is that you launch a version of what you are working on to see the market reception. You get to avoid spending money on a product whose chances of success are Limited.

 Final Thoughts

A good marketing plan is essential if you hope to capture the attention of the market. There are, however, some mistakes that can end up being very costly for you. Mistakes you could easily avoid by taking the time to come up with proper marketing.

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