Building a mobile-friendly website has become an important consideration when setting up an e-commerce platform. You may, therefore, be in the market looking for the best website builder. Shopify is one such platform, and our review will explore whether or not it is a mobile-friendly website builder.

· What Is Mobile-Friendly E-Commerce Platform?

Many people use their mobile devices to search for items and to shop on the online platform. We live such busy lives, and our smart devices improve efficiency when it comes to many facets of our lives. Few people will sit in front of a laptop or computer because we are always on the go. Having a mobile-friendly e-commerce platform means that shoppers can easily access your store using their handheld devices. Such devices include mobile phones, phablets, and tablets.

The challenge most people have is that their website will display well on a laptop or computer, but not on a mobile device. Most of the times, the links will not respond, and the user experience will, on the overall be negative. Designers must, therefore, optimize websites for mobile. One of the most vital considerations is that the pages should load fast; otherwise, you are likely to lose online customers.

The designers must also ensure that the user can easily read the text on their mobile screens. Compare the size of a mobile screen to that of a desktop computer; it comes to a fifth of the size. Having flash elements could also interfere with the optimization of the site for mobile. 

· Why Do You Need A Mobile-Friendly E-Commerce Platform?

The modern customer has so much choice available, and businesses are falling all over themselves, trying to please them. The same customer is also more aware of what is available, and will only go for the best. They also like convenience, and the business that responds to this need is likely to keep them. It is doubtful that a customer will try and access your mobile store on their phone, get a bad experience, then look for you using a desktop computer. The more accessible you are, the higher the chances of higher conversions.

Mobile-friendly platforms are therefore very convenient because the customer does not have to be in one particular location to get your services. Depending on how efficient your platform is, you will also have less abandoned carts issues to deal with.

A mobile-friendly platform is also a requirement for search engines. Google will penalize any website that is not mobile-friendly. If you depend on organic visitors, you will lose out.

· How Friendly Is Shopify E-Commerce Platform?

Shopify has several templates or themes that you use to create the store layout; many of the designs have been optimized for mobile. Your customers will have a good user experience. If you want to know whether your Shopify store is mobile-friendly, you can check with the Google mobile-friendly analyzer.

Do note, however, that the best test of mobile-friendly sites is to do an actual check yourself. Take a moment to view your store on different handheld devices. Also, make sure that you test all the links to check on the responsiveness. It helps to pay attention to how fast the pages’ load. It will impact on whether a customer stays on your site or not.

The advantage of using Shopify is that you’ll get an all-in-one hosted solution. You never have to worry about software management, the software; keeping backups and installing updates. Depending on the package, you get other benefits such as compelling statistics, inventory management, easy marketing solutions, and unlimited product testing. It has an easy-to-use interface, although you may need to learn the liquid coding language. Some people find that it requires a certain level of expertise, but once you get the hang of it, you will not have any problems.

Even if you are facing some challenges, Shopify has one of the best customer support teams. You can reach them on email, phone, and chat. You always have a technician at hand to help with any issues you may be facing.

Final Thoughts

Shopify platform has several themes that they optimize for mobile.  What it means is that the experience the users will have using a computer or laptop is the same as they would if they are using the mobile phone. Make sure that you test the platform before you take it out into the market. It will give you time to rectify any issues you may have.

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