Web Mobile apps offer a ton of functionality to the end-user.  However, developers are always on toes looking for ways to give the customers a better experience.  Progressive Web Apps (PWA) allows for this, and they work on almost all browsers. The best part is that you do not need to download them to enjoy the functionality. By simply tapping on a link, the PWA will seamlessly install on your phone.

Access is easy because you get an icon on your homepage, and you get to enjoy an engaging experience every time you use your smart device.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Progressive Web Mobile Apps?

· Responsiveness

Progressive Web Mobile apps are very responsive, and you do not have to worry about making it adjust to the layout of your device.  It does this automatically and will, therefore, work well on any smart device.

· Security

PWAs offer you more protection when you compare them to traditional web apps.  You get the service via HTTPS, thereby ensuring that no one can tamper or vandalize it.

· Progressive Web Mobile apps can overcome network flaws

Some mobile apps will not work when there is a network flaw.  With PWA, you get to enjoy the functionality whether you are online or offline.

· You Will Not Differentiate Them from the Native Apps

Even when you install a Progressive Web Mobile app on your phone, it will feel like you are still using the native apps.  You get to enjoy features such as push notifications, an app drawer, integration with the system, and an icon display on the homepage.

· Easy To Install

As we have stated above, installation is a simple as clicking on a link.  You do not need to get the services of a technician to do it for you.  You also get to start enjoying the benefits immediately the app is up and running.

· Regular Updates

You get regular updates for the PWA. Since you do not go through a third-party mediator, anytime there is an update on the developer’s side, it automatically improves the experience on your end.

· It is not bulky

You will find that some web apps can be very cumbersome because of the features. With the PWA, you get a ton of fantastic benefits without taking up all the space on your smart device.

What You May Not Like About PWAs


· Browser Support

You will not have a problem using the PWA on most of the browsers such as Opera,   Chrome, or Samsung internet.  It is however still not accessible on some browsers like Safari.

· Support for Devices

You can use the PWA on most of the Android devices.  You, however, do not get to enjoy the benefit on IOS devices because it is unsupported.  We do not foresee this going on for a long time. There are rumors within the industry that  Apple is already working towards making it accessible on the iOS platform.

· The functionality of the Hardware

Some hardware functionalities are unsupported with progressive web apps.  We can only imagine that the developers are working towards overcoming such.

Platforms That Have Enjoyed Benefits of the Progressive Web Apps

Several platforms have enjoyed the benefits of Progressive Web Apps.  Such include:-

· Twitter Lite Progressive Web App

Twitter Lite uses PWA technology to reduce data usage, improve mobile engagement, faster service, all on a reliable platform. There are currently about 330 million active users who get to enjoy the benefits we have stated above. The result for Twitter is up to 75% more tweets going out, a decrease of up to 20% in bounce rates, a 65% increase in pages per session, and up to 70% reduction in data consumption.

· Bookmyshow

Bookmyshow is a ticketing platform in India and receives over 50 million visitors a month. With the progressive web app for mobile, they have seen an 80% boost in the number of tickets they sell. Within 30 seconds, a visitor can achieve a seamless checkout.

· Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-sharing social media platform, and one of the major problems they had was a slow web experience.  The result was a very low conversion rate, which they managed to turn around with their PWA for the mobile web.   With the PWA, the average time spent on the site has increased by 40%, resulting in a 44% user-generated revenue from the ads.  The click-through on the ads has seen a 50% increase, and mobile engagement went up by 60%.

Final Thoughts

Progressive Web Mobile apps will lead to better user experience on your smart devices.  The installation process is easy, and will not interfere with the regular running of your phone.

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