The mobile phone has rapidly evolved from a device that helps in calling and texting. It is now an essential tool for getting access to the internet. Many people are shopping on e-commerce platforms using mobile phones. As a business owner, you must, therefore, ensure that you optimize for mobile. It will help you improve your sales because people like the convenience of shopping while On-The-Go. Our article will explore things you can do to optimize your mobile e-commerce platform.

Optimizing Your E-Commerce Platform for Mobile

The first thing is to determine whether your website is mobile-friendly. Do your customers have the same experience when using their mobile or computers to access your store?  If yes, you are on the right path; however, there are certain things you need to do to make the experience better. These include: –

· Design Aspects

Your website may look fantastic on a computer or laptop, but not the same on mobile.  Sometimes you will see that parts of the website are not visible when you view it from a mobile phone. Other times you will realize that some of the links are not responsive.  Even if they do load, the page speed may be very slow.

Other times you may find that the text is too small to read on a handheld device. Some people also complain that some websites have very tiny buttons, which makes it especially difficult for those with fat fingers to use.  Look at the design aspects of your website and make the relevant changes. Let the experience be the same across the different devices. We may sound repetitive at this point, but, we cannot emphasize this point enough.

· Navigation

You may find it hard to navigate to the different pages when you are using your mobile device. While sometimes the design of the device may have a role to play, you need to be especially careful. If you cannot access the relevant pages or tabs, you need to go back to the drawing table. Consider the essential pages that you must have. Once you know which ones they are, give them prominence, so that the user has an easy time clicking on the links.

· Page Loading Speed

A slow website is annoying, and quite honestly no one has the time to wait for your pages to load. Slow loading pages have a significant role to play in why some people abandon their carts. Try and achieve a loading speed of fewer than three seconds, with two being the ideal. Some of the factors that will impact on the loading speed are, the size of the images, your choice of a web host provider, the number of plugins you have, among others.

· The Checkout Process Should Be Intuitive

If you do not optimize your checkout process for mobile, you will have a problem getting people to buy your products. You need to be able to process orders and payments efficiently. Collecting information from your customers should be easy to ensure maximum efficiency. Be especially careful about situations where someone needs to fill in forms using their mobile device. Having tiny fonts, hard-to-navigate tabs, and lengthy hard-to-fill forms can be a turn-off. The online shopper is looking for efficiency and convenience.

· Image and Video Optimization

Pictures and videos will help online visitors interact better with your products. They, however, can impact on the loading time if they are too large. You, therefore, need to compress them without affecting the quality. There are several apps online that will help with this, but if you are unsure about how to go about it, you should engage the services of a professional.

The same goes for content; too much content may not show up on mobile devices. It may also become difficult to read text on a small screen.

· Get Rid of Ads and Pop-Ups

Have you ever been on a website, and every time you click on something; an annoying pop-up comes up?  It can be very irritating, and more often than not, you will move to a less intrusive site. Google is also taking it quite seriously, and you will find that they may come after you if you have those annoying pop-ups. The penalty is that you do not get to feature in their search results. It will, therefore, have a severe impact on the number of organic visitors you receive. If you really must communicate any discounts or offers, think about using email instead.

 Final thoughts

Take the time to optimize your mobile e-commerce platform, if you hope to see a boost in your sales. Use our tips above to ensure that you give your customers an excellent mobile user experience.


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